New: Due to various requests, iCheat source-code is now available! Check out your copy through svn with the following command:
'svn checkout http://myiphone.com.br/svn/icheat'.
Or browse the source code instead of downloading.

iCheat is a very simple (open-source) app that allows you to change some game's highscores. Currently there's support for iCopter and iCave. If you would like to use iCheat to cheat on other games, leave a comment.

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Gianmarco Odorizzi: Hi! Nice app! Can you please post source-code to study it? Thank you buddy! Gianmarco

Ttddttddtttttt: Can u post your high score

Lalo: Busc? mmmn que busc? a perder el tiempo

petrov: Petrov

Пгигмри: Алгмпапдаш

AL3X: Haha I win

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Peter: Best

Petinio: Very. Nice app

Bobwat: When I try to post a score like 999999999 and it does not work

Bobwat: When I try to post a score like 999999999 and it does not work

Rafael Cimatti: Bobwat: It works, but the app (icopter/icave) is not made to support such a big score, you can see it doesn't fit in the app. don't double post.

kevin: Papi jump +

Grant christina: It says success but doesn't show up on icopter

Bluffed: Make itwork with live poker

Shazzler: imob and ivamps please shazzlerthomas@yahoo.com

joey: u guys should make it so it goes for the newer free I copter

Claudio: naum sei ora q server este programa, se alguem puder me dar uma luz!

Rafael Cimatti: Claudio: Esse programa muda o highscore do iCopter e do iCave.

Zach: LOL so funny

Zach: LOL so funny

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Tuichi: Hay!

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Chouhan: I M the best scorer

Chouhan: I M the best scorer

Ali: It doesn't work for me...

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Jesse: make a cheat for kitty kannon

Jesse: make a cheat for kitty kannon

jesse: make a highscore cheat for kitty kannon

your mom: It's wrong to cheat

Sk8: Touch grind

Tim: No

Dylan: Please make a iCheat for Tap Tap Revenge 2

Gman: I dot getthis app.....

hacker: what does this do

brandongarro: the game is way too easy

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Klf: merci

Idonotgetit: How do u cheat it. It's not woeikbg

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Sam2738: Maybe live poker and imob respect points or mob size?

Even: Dont work

Even: Dont work

food: Hi ..

SV: !

SV: !

Gabriel: Legal

havock: i owuld like this app but were do i find it? email mr.upton82@yahoo.com and yes im jailbroke if i have to be thanx

havock: wanna use for imob 400

havock: wanna use for imob 400

mason: jelly car

matt: how do i use it?

matt: how do i use it?

Wischmopp: Could you change the highscore of doodle / papi jump?

Max: Please make cheates for scoops

Jordon: Need help.

Theaaa: Shir

Freak: Shit

Chriz: Papi Jump + Please!

Bob: Wat about ishake Thankyou for your time

Eugene: icheat is awesome

Noah: This app sucks

Td: High

Td: High

Moha: Hola

Jonny: Does it work for the free version or only icopter (99cents)

Fall down: ImZUm playing it at School all Time my Friends and me are batteling so please make it aviable for Fall down

Titi: 34477488559. Hola

: Not sure if it's possible but maybe make a cheat to mod tge car speed in a race game like need for speed or real racing.

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Titi: Bosco una nena ke kiera salir con migo le cуmpro todo lo ke kiera muuaa

Samir: Aleppo

awesome beast: iknights would be really cool and helpful to get the golden guns on imob

Rafael Cimatti: I am now making a new version of iCheat, with a redesigned UI and more games, if you want to use iCheat on another game now it's the time to ask.

Abdulla: Goodlick

Tgghjtdh: Plz do doodle jump

Kevin: Do a cheat to get lots of points or coints in tap tap revenge 3 please. Thanks

jim: nice

Aaron: It ses success but doesn't work

Aaron: It ses success but doesn't work

Cocker: Lol this funny

shail: iloveuoo

Rafael Cimatti: Hey there, I've almost finished the new version of iCheat. I am looking for beta testers, if you are willing to help me test, email me.

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Robin wood: Please can u put "word warp" on " i cheat"

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Alaa: هلا بالشباب

Boyyyyy: ?

Clash of clans: Juwelen

Clash of clans: Gut

Merlin: Klkfmgmgmmg

ေမသက္ခိုင္ : ကဲလိုက္တာ 9 ေလာက္ရိွတယ္ေနာ္ ထင္မထားဘူး

Cc: good

wudi123123: sdadsad

王志杰: 我需要用

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Badis: Piratag subway surfe

Loing: Ưu

1: -1'

1: -1'

1: 1

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rEfxuDfLuNmJN: X03zne

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Wuevos: Awesome

BorBLorrie: Что у нас с ценами на горючку происходит?. Это уже кошмар какой-то. Цены на нефть падают, а стоимость бензина растет. Хоть на велосипед пересаживайся... Кто как экономит?

Jedilio: Lol


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