07/06/08 - Working on final 2.0 iCheat version. Please email me if you have any request.
06/30/08 - iCheat 1.2 released, featuring iDope support! (Sorry for the delay)
06/19/08 - Working on iCheat 1.2, expect a release soon with an exciting new feature.
06/17/08 - Version 1.11 released, featuring a bug fix.
06/15/08 - iCheat 1.1 is on BigBoss repo!
06/14/08 - iCheat 1.1 GUI version finished, working around to get it in Installer.app.


iCheat is an application that modifies the iCopter, iCave and iDope highscore. It only requires Jiggy Runtime.

How To use it

Using iCheat is very simple, launch iCheat, select a game and enter the highscore you wish.

A quick note from the author:

iCheat is a simple and easy to use application, featuring a friendly GUI.

It takes effort and time to build an application like iCheat to run on the iPhone.
I don't ask for much, but I'd really apprecciate a donation so I can keep on writing applications.


iCheat version 1.2 is in Installer, on the BigBoss repo!


iCheat Version 1.2 (Released 06/30/2008)
    -Added support for iDope
iCheat Version 1.11 (Released 06/17/2008)
    -Fixed bug between plist and binary plist.
iCheat Version 1.1 (Released 06/14/2008)
    -First iCheat GUI version
iCheat Version 1.0 (Released 06/08/2008)
    -iMod is now iCheat and runs directly on iPhone
    -Better code, written in C
iMod Version 0.2 (Released 05/25/2008)
    -Added support for iCave
    -Added full portuguese support in br version
    -Less files required
iMod Version 0.1 (Released 05/23/2008)
    -iMod initial beta release


If you have a suggestion, need help or want the source code, email me: suporte@myiphone.com.br